Specialized Species Management

The mountainous terrain and desert valleys provide their own unique set of challenges.

Specialized Species management:

Several species have received special attention recently, and can require special mitigation measures when projects intersect their habitat. The Bio Logical team includes specialists for a variety of species, including desert bighorn sheep, desert kit foxes, and Burrowing Owls.


Burrowing Owl mitigation: Surveys, buffer zones, passive relocation and the construction of artificial burrow locations can be utilized to ensure best practices are in effect for this desert owl. The team at Bio Logical has experience in scoping and closing burrows, utilizing approved passive relocation techniques, and coordinating with US Fish and Wildlife Service and Nevada Department of Wildlife regarding the presence of owls or nests.


Desert kit fox mitigation and avoidance:  A species that has received some attention in California, the desert kit fox has presented as a concern on some large scale projects. Bio Logical is capable of providing wide variety of services, ranging from simple presence/absence analysis, to long range monitoring, passive avoidance and relocation, health evaluations and radio tracking, depending on the requirements of the project and the stipulated concerns of the federal and state agencies.


Desert bighorn sheep monitoring:  Primarily a concern in the mountainous terrain associated with our desert environment, desert bighorn sheep present a unique opportunity to mitigate concerns associated with one the deserts most grandiose creatures. Monitoring efforts often traversing unique landscapes during the construction phase of a project to mitigate disturbance during large scale linear projects.

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