Surveying and Clearance

Flora and Fauna Throughout the Southwest

From field surveys for Environmental Impact Statements, to desert tortoise clearance once a project is approved and fenced, Bio Logical has you covered. Whether you need to determine whether a species is present on your potential site or conduct a full inventory of the area, we can set up a survey to meet your needs.

Services include habitat assessments, baseline surveys, species specific and focused surveys, vegetation mapping, presence/absence surveys, small mammal surveys, and nesting surveys. Depending on your needs, we can provide raw data, or a full technical report of the findings required for consultation.

Clearance involves the methodic approach to removing tortoises from a site once the consultation has been approved and permitted. Site clearances from half an acre to thousands are possible and depending on the project requirements may include transmittering, health assessments and individual tortoise deposition plans. Regardless of the needs laid out in the projects biological documents, Bio Logical can cover it.

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