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Authorized Biologists, Designated Biologists and Field Contact Representatives

Biologists with the proper certifications for the requirements of the job can be provided for short and long term projects. Responsibilities vary, but include project oversight, daily reporting, and management of field staff. Includes on the ground decision making and creative efforts in moving projects forward while fulfilling all project requirements. Other positions include Compliance Inspection Contractors, biological monitors, Environmental Inspectors, and Environmental Compliance Monitors.


If you are in the need of tortoise training, or an all-encompassing worker environmental awareness program, Bio Logical can meet that need. When a biologist is required simply to give a project start tailboard talk, or a daily project specific power point presentation, Bio Logical can provide that service à la carte, or as a part of a larger monitoring protocol.

Desert Tortoise Consultations

From planning and design, site visits, and coordination meetings to biological opinion implementation, Bio Logical can make sense of your requirements and determine the best way to fit project requirements into your existing schedule.

Desert Tortoise Presence/Absences Surveys & Clearances

Providing the data needed for Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Biological Resources Technical Reports (BRTR), Biological Assessments (BA) and Biological Opinions (BO). Click HERE for more information.

Biological Assessments/ Technical reports

Bio Logical can compile data from preliminary surveys or construction monitoring to provide technical reports on species, mitigation measures, progress and final reports. Additionally, our team can produce Biological Assessments for small scale projects.


Bio Logical works to both monitor and oversee restoration efforts associated with the completion of construction, as well as decommissioning.

Biological Monitoring

Our team is qualified and flexible, working with management as well as crews on the ground. Proper planning can help to facilitate construction needs and prevent slowdowns. Click HERE for more information.

Burrowing Owl and Other Specialized Species mitigation

Whether observation, avoidance or passive relocation are permitted, Bio Logical can assist you in mitigating for burrowing owls, as well as other special status species such as desert kit fox or desert big horn sheep. Click HERE for more information.

Desert tortoise health, transmittering and post translocation monitoring

Requirements vary by project, and may include a variety of specialized services. Click HERE for more information.

Avian and Raptor Surveys

Team members familiar with the survey methodology of the USFWS and state agencies are capable of conducting a variety of surveys, including avian point counts, raptor and migratory bird surveys and nest monitoring in accordance with the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and individual project requirements. Click HERE for more information.

Raven Management

By providing biologists and taking detailed records of the project mitigation measures in action, Bio Logical staff is able to provide an adequate record of compliance for your project. In addition, our knowledgeable team will ensure that mitigation measures aren’t overlooked.

Agency Coordination

Bio Logical offers assistance in planning and understanding your project documents and requirements, including round table discussions with US Fish and Wildlife Service, BLM and state agencies to assist in determining the best plan forward to minimize cost while meeting all project conditions.

Noxious/Invasive Weed Surveys

Preplanning surveys and maintenance mitigations, as well as post construction surveys and maintenance, including mechanical excavation. Click HERE for more information.

Succulent Surveys & Inventory

Small scale relocation and large scale monitoring and nursery oversight. Click HERE for more information.

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